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Weed Porn: Focus On Cannabis Photography

In 1974, High Times published its first marijuana centerfold in its Fall issue, only the second edition ever of the groundbreaking magazine covering all things cannabis. Depicting a 20-pound brick of Colombian pot on a white silk sheet, the image was the first in a series of iconic marijuana photographs that continues to this day. Since that popular debut, cannabis photography has advanced, both technically and artistically, with the launch of myriad other publications dedicated to the plant. And with the flood of cannabis marketing brought about by legalization coinciding with explosive growth in social media, a new day has dawned in the era of weed porn.

Photographer Curtis Taylor (Instagram: @curt_ice) got his first dose of cannabis photography as a boy growing up in Oklahoma. For him, the images in the issues of High Times he found on supermarket magazine racks hinted at a different world far away. So, when he found himself as an adult working in Portland’s legal cannabis industry, those images were still burning in his mind.

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